Myth About Origin of Death and Conflicts

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Myth about Origin of Death and Conflicts

Origin of Conflicts and Death in Human Beings
Many years ago, in the days when wild animals used to talk with human beings, there lived a hunter in the middle of the forest. He lived with his family and all the animals in the forest. His family composed of wife-Magor and two daughters- June and Jessica. He lived by hunting and fruit gathering with his family. Every time he killed an animal, they prepared and gave thanks to God by giving offerings. They lived happily and to them life were so good. They took care of God’s creation and valued everything that they came across in the forest. Their God was happy with the way they took care of his creations. Their God provided them with everything they need in their life. His wife was so happy that her daughters lived in a ways that impress God.
One day, God invited him to enter into a covenant with him. This was to give him the authority over other creatures and God’s creation. The hunter was so happy that he told his wife and his two daughters. They danced in round cycles giving praise to their creator for giving him authority over everything on the earth. They echoed the name of their creator at the top of their voices. He finally entered into a covenant with God the following day. He was to be monitoring all the creatures in the forest and giving reports to God. The report was to be communicated to his daughters Jessica and June. June and Jessica were to master the words from their father very well. They were to say the same message in the mountain without altering anything. Each one of them was to be given part of the message that she would say it in the mountain. The Hunter started his role by requesting God to stop the communication between human beings and animals. This was because; human beings hunt and kill animals for their…...

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