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Choice of Ending the Cycle
Lawrence Miller Jr.
Composition I
Instructor Hewlett
April 25, 2015

When does the cycle come to an end? Better yet do I start the process to change the cycle? I sit for days on end, trying to collect my thoughts of what I picture my life would be like, rather than the images of my childhood. Images of my mother being beaten by my father, will forever be a stained memory in my brain. Missing out on growing up with my siblings, because of the choices I made. The only solution my mother could come to was sending me away. This cycle of being a deadbeat father, uneducated, abusive and alcoholic now I was carrying the burden on my shoulders. One day I said I can’t continue down this path. After all the headaches, stress, endless jobs my decision became very clear, college is the final decision. I realize if I want to strive for greatness and become a solid provider, role model for my family, secondary education is required.
My days as a child, I could remember sitting in my room dreaming of what I wanted my life to be like. I told myself I would have a family, house and awesome job. Over the years my dreams started to become further near. As I begin to look over my life I realized, I was following the same path as my parents. It began when I had my first child at 18, just as my father had me. The cycle had begun, I wasn’t even aware that my life was about to go down a winding path. Birth is the beginning of life, as a newborn you are a virgin to life. You grow and learn by what others teach you. We follow the saying, “Do what I tell you, not as I do.” Theoretically, we do just the opposite of that. As for me, I followed my father’s footsteps, pretty much the same pavement he traveled. I looked at my father as my idol. I wanted to go with him everywhere he went. As I grew older, I watched my father take me and my brother to…...

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