My Approach to Writing

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Reflective Journal 1
My Approach to Writing
Jamie Mahan My goals for this course are to improve the way I write professionally for when I begin my career after I graduate. I want to be able to write a report or even a note so it doesn’t look messy and my punctuation is correct. The ways I would expect to use writing in school is when I have to write a report, discussion, or journal. The way I would use writing in my personal life is when I email someone, write a grocery list, or write a check or balance my checkbook. The way I would use writing in my professional life is if I had to write a business letter, or a phone message, and when I email someone from my work. When I write an academic paper, I first see what the topic is I am going to be writing about. When I know what I am going to be writing about, I do the research so I can find the information about the topic. I write a rough draft. When I am done writing the rough draft, I read through and make any correction that needs to be made. I type the final draft on my computer and save it. The biggest challenge I have when writing is if I did the paper corrected and did I format everything the right way. I worry if I did enough research and did I explain everything enough so the reader can understand what I wrote…...

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...understanding English when talking to others. Writing an essay was almost impossible for me to think of. Realizing how difficult it was to experience these linguistic difficulties, I then decided to go back to school to improve my English skills. Therefore, English became especially essential for me to succeed in my educational goals. I was determined to earn an Associate’s degree then transfer to a university for a Bachelor’s degree. I started going to ESL classes and studied English very hard to make progress in my speaking, reading and writing skills. After spending one year in ESL classes, I qualified for English 43. I learned lots of grammar and how to write paragraphs efficiently during these classes. I noticed that writing an essay was more challenging when I got into English 49. However, since then I’ve learned how to write a five-paragraph argumentative essay which was one of my weaknesses in academic writings. I have made a lot of progress in writing skills since I started studying English 49. I now think that I’m ready to go on to English 101 due to the fact that I have learned useful strategies to follow a writing process and develop coherent paragraphs effectively. A writing process is the most important step that I learned in this class. First of all, before writing a complete essay, I need to come up with the pre-writing which consists of free writing and brainstorming. I found this step essential because free writing helps me find as many supports and......

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...Yessenia Amaya My approach to writing I have many goals for my English course, and one of those goals is to get into the habit of writing more. By getting into the habit of writing more I am going to accomplish my second goal which is to fix my spelling and grammar. For example learn where to put my commas and periods and learn how to spell words I don’t really use. Another major goal I have for this course is to learn how to target my audience, learn who my audience is and write to the appeal of that audience. My final goal and the most important goal I have for this course is to get an A+. My plan is to try and hand in everything on time and not miss a class. I hope I can accomplish these goals. I also always set up goals when writing an academic paper. For example, I try and get the least grammar spelling errors as possible. I also set goals to finish my papers a paper a certain time so I have time to proofread and revise my paper. And the most important goal I set when I write is to hand in my paper on time. With these goals I hope to get a better grade. I have many challenges when I write. My biggest challenges when writing for others is trying not to have many grammars and spelling errors, but I always do. Another challenge I have is that I don’t know if I’m getting through to my audience or not. I’m also always concerned if I’m giving enough information to the person I’m writing to, in other words being informative. And my biggest challenge might be that......

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...My Approach to Writing By: Michael Czeczeli My goals for this course are fairly simple. My biggest goal for this course is to learn how to write a paper and get my point across without going overboard with run- on sentences and un-needed info. In my career field it’s going to be very important to be able to get my point across with minimal errors and mistakes. Another goal of mine is to learn to overall like writing. When I first started school I couldn’t stand writing papers or sending emails, but since that is the biggest line of communication today I need to learn to love it. I plan on using my writing in many different ways. One major way I plan on using writing is sending emails and letters to customers and employees at work. I hope to be a General Manager or at least Assistant General Manager of a major company or corporation after graduation. I plan to also use my writing throughout my college career. My college career is looking to be a long one since I plan to continue until I receive my masters’ degree in business. A really big use of my writing will be helping my daughters as they journey through school over the years to come. When I set out to write an academic paper I usually set a few goals for myself. The major goal for me is to insure that the reader gets all the information that is intended for them. I want to make sure that they fully understand where I’m coming from without drawing it out too much. Sometimes I have problems with run-on sentences...

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...ASSIGNMENT 1: REFLECTIVE JOUNAL MY APPROACH TO WRITING by October 14, 2013 English 115 My goals for this course are; to learn how to write, read, and speak clearly as a college student. As a college student, I will be expected to do some assignment, project work, group work, presentation and examination. To write as a professional. However, must employer will want to employed people that can read, write and speak clearly. Also to speak as a citizen. Sometime I may like to express myself to the people or to discuss my ideas. And also to writ as a family member or as a friend. Moreover apart from academic writing, I will also need to write about my personal life or to my love once. In writing about my university career, and professional and personal life, these are what I’m expected. I’ m expected to know the purpose of my writing. Because everything has a purpose. To find a theme. To make an outline about what I want to talk about. Also to summarize my goals. I need to discuss briefly about my degree programmed and why I study it, to describe my goals in details. Also to create a powerful conclusion. Because the first and the last paragraph are the most important thing because they are remember. Also get a feedback. Therefore having a family or a friend read over my statement and ask for suggestions or advice. In writing an academic paper, these are how I will set my goals. First, the audience. The audience......

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...What is Your Approach to Life? By DeAnn Adler After many years of living, I still don’t have life completely figured out and I’m assuming I never will, but age has given me some wisdom and I have hopefully learned a few things in all that time. I have not one philosophy of life, but many, and all of them put together make me the person I am today. During my senior year in high school over thirty-two years ago, the teacher in my civics class asked what we students thought was the secret to a happy life. A blond, curly headed boy in the class answered that he thought “everything in moderation” was the key to a successful, happy life. I’ve never forgotten those words, even after all this time, and they’ve become a part of who I am and how I’ve lived my life. In ancient Greece, the temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the inscription Meden Agan - 'Nothing in excess'. 1 The ancient Greeks knew what my high school classmate had—that moderation makes life run more smoothly. Moderation in this day and age is not always hip though. What are cool are extremes, from extreme sports to extreme home makeovers. But it seems that for a lot of people, straying from the path of moderation causes nothing but heartache, from the drinker who loses everything to the bottle, to the gambler who loses his life’s savings. The more extreme our wants, the more we must accumulate to make ourselves happy. But I also think moderation can make for an extremely boring life. It’s a life played safely and without...

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...Growing up, I had always enjoyed reading and writing. English had never been a problem for me so much as math had been. I had a love for literature. I've always loved reading books. You'd have to pull me away just so I'd put one down. So you can imagine when my fourth grade teacher Ms. Lux said, “you possibly could be held back another year, because you're not performing well in English.” My heart had dropped within that moment. I felt as if I were a failure. I felt as if I, me, someone who had a love for English, was not good enough. I could not understand. I felt rejected. How could I, someone who had enjoyed reading so much, be told that I may not be going to the fifth grade, because of my English scores? I felt in every ounce of my bones that that accusation could not have been right. It was preposterous. She put me through a series of English tests. Testing my abilities from comprehension to grammar, I felt that that this was unfair. I felt that she was singling me out. For what reason I have no clue to this day. Now I had always been a well-behaved kid. I never got into much trouble during my youth years. From the moment I entered her classroom, I felt as If she had a personal vendetta against me. Why was this happening to me? I cried myself into one of the greatest stories I had ever read. It was of the most intriguing adventurous stories ever. Ten year old Moon Blake learns how to survive on his own after his beloved father “Pap” dies, leaving him to fend for......

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...young girl, I always loved trips to the library throughout my school years. Though I enjoyed reading and the joys it brought to me, I could not begin to imagine writing in any of the books I read. I often imagined writing the suspenseful, and exciting stories that I read and in time; I got the chance to try and do so. The writing process for me was a little more difficult than I had ever imagined. As I began writing the pieces necessary for my English classes as a young adult, I soon realized that there was more to writing and jotting down words on a piece of paper for an assignment. As a developing writer, I knew very little in the beginning, I am very aware now that writing a paper indeed takes a great amount of time and requires a lengthy process in order to write an exceptional paper. There were definitely a lot of wrongs, before I learned right, but I now can say that I have gradually developed the ability to write, organize and prepare a paper whenever needed. The most important part of the writing process to me, would have to be the editing process. Along with editing, there is revision, which is a crucial process to developing an exceptional paper. The editing and revising process of writing is crucial to the writer and the reader because with incorrect grammar, sentence structures, punctuation etc., it is not only difficult for the reader to understand, but for the writer as well if the reason they are writing cannot be understood the way it was intended. Based......

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