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Almutairi PG#1
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18 September 2013
How Did I Become Who I Am Now?
Life is a journey that is very interesting and confusing in some kind of way. Everyday many people face problems and some of them give up. In my life I have faced many struggles some struggles were very hard for me. In my voyage in life was very hard everything that I had thought it will come smoothly it turns to be a huge problem. Throw out my life I have faced many dilemmas that knocked me down but throw my struggles my family had stood beside me and left me back to my feet and from that I have gained confidence in myself and become stronger but I am now studying abroad and had become independence person. My identity had changed throw out the years because of my struggles, my family and living abroad.
I have four brothers and one little sister, my big brothers Salem and Abdul had really affected my life. My brother Salem is the oldest he had broken the barrier to us by being the first of my family to study abroad and my family was really proud of him. My brother Abdul was different he was a trouble maker but in the end he had made something of ho be
Almutairi PG#2
Someone who had achieved great thing but to me Abdul because I saw what he had gone throw and what he had achieved and I really admire him.
When I was in 8th grade my father had transferred me to another school and was the worst year of my life and it had changed my life and even scared me. In my old school we have British teachers and I have been studying in that school since I was in kindergarten. So I was used to their accent but in my new school the teachers were from another country and their accent was hard for me to understand and the math that they took was different. I didn’t understand it, so one day I went to the teacher and told him that I couldn’t understand the topic I find it very difficult…...

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