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The police have found a dead body at the UK Science Community convention and need you to help identify the body.
The body was of a woman who was 1.6 metres tall with fair hair and brown eyes

* Who was it? Emma Green * What area of science did she specialise in? Oceanography * What was her date of birth? 06/06/1990

Possible Witnesses
The police need to know how many people were staying on the same floor as the victim.

* What floor was Emma staying on? Ds

* How many other people were staying on that floor? 66

* How many others were also studying Oceanography? 4

Save this query with the name Possible Witnesses.
Create a report for your Possible Witnesses query and format it into a suitable format for the police.

Witness Statements

The police interviewed Veronica Brown and she said that she saw Emma on the evening of 6th May.
Emma was talking to a tall man (over 1.85 metres tall). He had glasses and brown hair. * How many people fit this description? 5
Save this query as Talking To Victim.

Dilliar Blackmore admits to talking to Emma on the evening she was killed but they were discussing Oceanography. He claims she left him around 9 o’clock that evening as she was feeling unwell.
The police have just got the toxicology report and this shows that she was poisoned by having a rare but extremely poisonous plant mixed in with her food. * Which science area specialises in plants? botany * How many guests at the hotel specialise in botany? 12

The police think that the murderer would probably have left the day after giving Emma the poison. * How many scientists who specialise in botany left on 7th May?

Save this query as Botanists.
Create a report for the police to show this data.

The police also found additional clues at the scene of the crime:
There was a struggle in the room…...

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