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Intro:- Barry is a 27-year old who is a foodservice manager at a casual dining restaurant. Barry is responsible for supervising and managing all employees in the back of the house. Employees working in the back of the house range in age from 16 years old to 55 years old. In addition, the employees come from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. For many, English is not their primary language.
Case Study
1. What are the communication challenges and barriers Barry faces?
Study:- a. Language barriers: not all employees speak English as their first language making verbal communication a challenge at times.
b. Cultural and ethnic barriers: Cultural differences in food safety practices may be a challenge for Barry to overcome.
c. Non verbal challenges: Barry’s body language (appearance) is telling others he does not care about personal appearance and cleanliness. 2. What solutions might Barry consider in addressing each of these challenges and barriers?
a. Language barriers: Several potential solutions might be addressed here including posting signs in employees’ primary language. Putting signage with visuals, not just words. Barry might learn some simple words in the employees’ primary language to help show interest in the employees.
b. Cultural and ethnic barriers: Barry may need to identify cultural beliefs and work to understand the ethnic barriers related to food safety. For instance, two employees come from the same country and they have made comments that controlling temperature in their country is not a priority; food can be at room temperature for long periods of time and nothing ever happened.
c. Non verbal challenges: Barry’s appearance is a nonverbal cue to employees. Barry’s appearance is important as he is a role-model to the employees. His actions and behaviors should be consistent with what he is expecting…...

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