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Key terms:

Party whip - An official in a political party whose primary purpose is to ensure party discipline in a legislature Conservative Chief whip is Sir George Young and Lib Dem Chief whip is Alistair Carmichael

Functions of Parliament in general:

-Legislate (pass laws)
-Primary legislate (Parliament pass laws)
-Represent views of ALL citizens
-Deliberation, discuss issues
-“Re-dress of grievances” singular issues for people
-Scrutiny of the executive
-Give government legitimacy
-Recruitment of ministers

Three parts of Parliament:

-Queen in Parliament (Royal assent, since 1707 Queen is not allowed in the Commons)

House of Commons:

-Most powerful of the two houses
-Appointed, first past the post
-Made up of 650 MPs, each elected in one of 650 constituencies throughout the UK
-Almost all MPs are elected as members of a political party


* Representation: MPs represent constituents and may represent interests such as trade unions, or particular professions. Almost all MPs represent political parties, and usually vote according to their party (the whipping system) (The Burkean nation) * Scrutiny of the Executive: Scrutinised through things like Standing committees, select committees, opposition, combustion, PMQ’s and House of Lords * The House of Commons currently has 659 MPs sitting in it and the Commons is seen as a cradle of democracy where even a government with a huge parliamentary majority can see that majority dwindle if party members vote against the government Recent tuition fees * Scrutinise government bills and vote on them - therefore having a vital input in to how laws are made in this country

House of Lords:

* Scrutinising Government actions and ensuring that they are acting the public interest. This takes place through the House of Lords EU Select…...

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