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Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are the main principles of management. Your business is the correspond of the whole decisions you make, with the need of a vision to achieve your objectives. Customers are the real evaluation of your good decision. So base your decision to get best feedback.
Planning is a systematic process to get the best use of resources, methodology, and projected outcome in specific period of time. Each plan supposed to have a clear goal and objectives.
Organizing is the distribution and use of resources such as capital, information, physical resources, and people.
Leading which is another definition of directing people. Leading includes motivating and working in teams. Leaders should have basic skills like communication skills, and they could have a greater impact by leading by example.
Controlling includes monitoring, evaluating, and correcting to achieve goals and objectives. Controlling and monitoring are much linked and similar.
The best way to manage and organize a business is to follow the three action plans, which begins with setting up an operations plan, creating a management plan, and creating a contingency plan. Operation plan starts by setting the whole process and steps from supplying the raw material till delivering it to the customer. A good method to set an operation plan is to sketch the wok area, and the distribution of tasks and processes with the timing of receiving/producing the product and delivering it. Management plan is a simple way of saying “managing employees”, putting in considers the types and quality of tasks for specific kind of staff. It also includes managing and monitoring all activities and prioritizing the tasks and responsibilities. Creating a…...

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