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Billy joy has describes some important contents in the video and he is very right. We have to think about the future technology as we have a lot of complex decision ahead. He describes the danger of technologies that we are currently utilizing. His conversation gives us the information to think about the future as future technologies would be brought up with many issues. A very interesting and great presentation by Dennis Hong. The utilizing of the AL in the robot simply great. The more interesting thing in the video is that the ball kicked by robot without remote control. This technology will definitely helpful for the future technology. Robots can transcend any actual ability of human.
This is incredible idea and work. Video gives the information about to robotic technology as the world is growing speedily to the robotic technology. After watching video one can feel the powerful future technology. His presentation was very knowledgeable. He delivers the great idea regarding future technology. In short his presentation is really inspiring for the teenagers.
Shyam saknar in his presentation said that the human brain is more powerful than any computer device. By utilizing human brain one can makes the solution of any problems in technology. As the world has become global village technology is growing speedily day by day just because of human brain. Technology needs more research, methods and experiments which can only give by human brain. His presentation is totally inspiring.
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