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...Chris Alcorn Boxing Styles Boxing techniques utilize very forceful strikes with the hand. There are many bones in the hand, and striking surfaces without proper technique can cause serious hand injuries. Today, most trainers do not allow boxers to train and spar without hand/wrist wraps and gloves. Handwraps are used to secure the bones in the hand, and the gloves are used to protect the hands from blunt injury, allowing boxers to throw punches with more force than if they did not utilize them. Headgear, used in amateur boxing, protects against cuts, scrapes, and swelling, but does not protect very well against concussions. Headgear does not sufficiently protect the brain from the jarring that occurs when the head is struck with great force. Also, most boxers aim for the chin on opponents, and the chin is usually not padded. Thus, a powerpunch can do a lot of damage to a boxer, and even a jab that connects to the chin can cause damage, regardless of whether or not headgear is being utilized. The modern boxing stance is a reflection of the current system of rules employed by professional boxing. It differs in many ways from the typical boxing stances of the 19th and early 20th centuries. A right-handed boxer stands with the legs shoulder-width apart with the right foot a half-step behind the left foot. The left (lead) fist is held vertically about six inches in front of the face at eye level. The right (rear) fist is held beside the chin and the elbow tucked against the......

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...Joyce Carol Oate’s frames her analysis On Boxing with a focus on time. Specifically, she points to boxing’s fleeting nature. Everything in boxing can change in a matter of seconds, setting into motion the authority of time. Boxers are physically time-bound, that is, they can be both knocked out of time. Finally, their career is time sensitive. Yet one thing that remains constant is the minimal role women have in boxing. Through the duration of Joyce Carol Oate's piece On Boxing, she represents the minor role of women in the realm of boxing; indeed, they are dually diminished, both as active participants and spectators. There has been an influx of women joining the boxing arena since 1987; however, in the space that Oate’s works in, women have a marginal role as active participants. Oate’s provides evidence to sustain that “boxing is a purely masculine activity and it inhabits a purely masculine world” (Oates, 70). She describes that the counterpart to a heavyweight champion is expected to be the “fairest woman on earth” (70); certainly, Oate’s utilizes the operative word—fairest—to suggest a twofold connotation to a woman’s physical role in the boxing arena. Therefore, there are two kinds of women in the boxing ring. The more common, active participant performs in “stereotypically zestful feminine way” (72); she is the glamour girl of the 1950s: the card girl sporting a bikini and heels or the high-pitched, National anthem vocalist. Oates claims that this woman is viewed as......

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