Mm578 Consumer Behavior Week 1 Case Study

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Sarah Hoffman
MM578 Consumer Behavior
Video Case Study- Week 1
Professor Cooper
March 6, 2010

1. How successful do you feel CNS has been in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered? How does this relate to brand equity?

Breathe Right nasal strips account for the great majority of CNS's sales. The nasal strips are also the ONLY clinically proven FDA treatment for snore relief due to nasal congestion. CNS initially marketed the strips to sports teams, nasal sufferers and night-time snorers. The Breathe Right Strips are one of the many products available for consumers to prevent snoring. The industry for anti-snoring products is fairly large. There are snoring pills, mouthpieces, medical treatments, surgery, vaporizers, nasal sprays, nasal dilators, and oral strips. CNS has developed a strong brand equity that has separated itself from regular anti-snoring products because it enables the consumer to use the strips easily without the use of drugs and medication. It is affordable and hassle-free compared to nasal dilators and mouthpieces. Through the years, CNS has run continuing education lessons to educate pharmacists, and has underwritten scientific studies to build credibility within the medical community. The brand clearly builds through word-of-mouth of pharmacists, trainers, doctors and friends. Breathe Right came to successfully market internationally as consumers began to seek drug-free, natural courses to wellness. CNS focuses on products that address important consumer needs within the aging well/self care market, including better breathing and digestive health. Today, Breathe Right is a $70 million (annual sales) brand with line extensions and companion products. It's brought $200 million of incremental business to drug stores during its little more than four years in the market -- and…...

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