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This is a topic that many might find surprising. We face many challenges in our justice system today and it only continues to get worse. In 2003 the U.S. Justice Department wrote that 10.4 % of all African
American men between the age of 25 to 29 were incarcerated. This percentage may come to a surprise to many but it is something that will open our eyes and hopefully will give insight on the African
Americans in the Justice System. I am an aunt to two beautiful African American children that happen to be a big part of my life one is a little girl and the other is a little boy and to think of this data really scares me for my nephew. I hope that he grows up to be a mature individual and stay free of jail/prison. Why is this happening to our youth? How can we help this data get better and change the outcome of our future? I want to make a difference in our youth and being first hand working in the
Department Of Correction I will see and research how we can make the difference.

A Growing up as an African American can be hard and sometimes the child has struggles growing up being a different race with all the racial comments that they have to endure throughout their childhood and this is an issue that needs to stop. Also the upbringing of the child can influence the African
American boy to be incarcerated. The parents cannot raise the child up right and the child tends to go astray. The child’s background can play a factor and some of the include education, racism, absent parents and the very known thing we call gangs which is a big influence on our children and especially

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