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BCO 116 Elementary Calculus
2Ch, 3 ECTS
Academic Year 2015-2016 Course Description
This course is an introduction to calculus and is intended to familiarize students with the mathematical thinking. It focuses on topics of calculus that are relevant to students in the managerial and business sciences.
The main goals of the course are to develop technical skills allowing the analysis of real life problems, to provide the tools necessary to formulate, analyse and implement a simple quantitative model to support a business decision, and to understand articles and books on business analysis
Starting with preliminaries to calculus, and limits, we follow with derivatives and its applications to real life problems, and integration. This course covers also functions with more than one variable, differential equations, and optimization.
Basic requirement. Students must have a good background on algebra and arithmetic, as well as a good understanding of mathematical functions and their applications to practical problems.
Course Objectives * To builds skills and proficiency in methods of calculus * To understand concepts, formulas and techniques of calculus through exercises and applied examples * To be able to translate real-world problems to mathematical language and models * To acquire ease in identifying the different kind of problem and the appropriated rule to solve it * To interpret results of calculus * To apply analytical methods of calculus that are relevant to managerial and business sciences.
Course Outcomes * To work with functions represented in a variety of ways, including graphical, numerical, analytical, or verbal * To understand the meaning of limit graphically and numerically and be able to compute limits involving infinite * To understand the meaning of the derivative in terms of a rate of change and local…...

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