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A topic you felt the most comfortable with and how the topic relates to application in your field?
During week two, the topic that felt the most comfortable with would have to be learning about the various motivational theories. For the most part, I found several of them pretty interesting in how managers are able to apply each of these theories based on employee characteristics. These theories made me realize how it’s highly important for managers to know their employees and staff. I strongly believe that if proper communication is administered, managers will be able to identify of what best motivates their employees. Furthermore, employees that are motivated will be capable of working at their best potential by increasing his/her confidence. Confident individuals will be able to raise the bar while increasing productivity and brinning more to the workplace.
Working in an environment where the administration has been very poor is something that I can personally relate to. Our entire building lacked proper communication which made everyone less and less motivated to come to work. Therefore, I strongly stand that its up to the manager to get to know each and every individual that works in the building. This helps to develop healthy working relationships by (again ) communicating properly.
A topic that I struggled with during this week topic was determining which motivational theory my participants best “fit” into. I constantly went back and forth because there were more than one that they fell into. Anthor factor that made it quite difficult was wondering if my participants were trustworthy on their assessments.
Week one covered individual employee characteristics and how they can greatly impact our organizational performance. I found the majority of this to be true as one’ s behavior can be the determining factor of how we may feel at that particular…...

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