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Marketing Assignment YP53B – Metabical Price
M. Ray Akbar Mutalibov

For the case study of Metabical Price, I would recommend Option 2 ($125 in 4-week supply) as the price recommendation. This recommendation decision was mostly made of target return pricing, but combined with a little bit element of value-based pricing and psychological pricing. The reason I would choose the target return pricing as a main tools to pick the price is because the CSP’s Metabical informed us that they wanted to achieve a minimum 5% ROI within five years of the new product’s launch. Thus, target return pricing was picked since this kind of pricing would set a price based on the achieved target of ROI. The reason why I include value-based and psychological pricing would be explained later in paragraph below.
Based on the calculations from Metabical Worksheet, I get several different results of ROI in 5 years, based on different method and different manufacturer gross margin. For the ROI’s manufacturer gross margin of $24,8, I have 210% (Method 1) and -26% (Method 2). For the ROI’s manufacturer gross margin of $58,13, I have 627% (Method 1) and 74% (Method 2). For the ROI’s manufacturer gross margin of $74,8, I have 835% (Method 1) and 124% (Method 2).
There were 2 different method in my worksheet calculation, the first one is Method 1 which taken the US’s overweight population who actively trying to lose weight and comfortable using diet pills into potential customer. The second one is Method 2, which taken the US’s overweight population who would go to a doctor to request prescription. Since Metabical is a prescription drug, I do not consider Method 1 is an appropriate choice in this case, thus making Method 2 into my prioritization. Since ‘prescription drug’ is one of the value that Metabical had offered, I include value-based pricing into consideration, regardless of…...

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Metabical use skimming pricing strategy and thus we suggest pricing the Metabical at $150 for 1 months supply, with this price Metabical will be able to achieve their objective to enter $ 3.74 billion market for weight control products in the United states and more than 5% ROI within 5 years. For ROI refer (Ex-8(a)(b)(c)(d)) and for pricing and Economic Value Analysis (Ex 7). This recommendation is based on the economic value comparison against other competitors such as Alli and OTC Orlistat. In addition to selling a monthly supply of Metabical for $150, we recommend selling a value pack consisting of 3 months supply – One complete 12 week course for $300, with a notion – “Get 3 for the price of 2”; without compromising net revenue –(Ex 7-pkging- pricing). We also recommend using Blister packaging with numbers so that people do not forget taking their pills. In order to achieve their objective CSP should use new product development and market differentiation as their Product Marketing strategy. With a positioning statement --“THE RIGHT PRODUCT FOR RIGHT YOU”. Metabical should target college educated, heath conscious females ages 35-65 looking to shed few extra pounds and thereby raising their self-esteem. Each product in the weight control market has a unique product and marking strategy, strengths and weaknesses (Ex-5) including Metabical, e.g. Alli- Product Differentiation, 1st OTC, FDA approved product VS, Metabical: Product and Marketing differentiation, 1st FDA approved,......

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...Problem statement Pricing must be decided for Metabical that captures the accurately forecasted demand of the target market. Because of heavy competition such as Alli , it is important to create a package that can be priced accurately to drive up sales and consistency of a 12 week drug. Situation Analysis Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals’ (CSP) is international health care company. Their focus is on developing, manufacturing and marketing products that treat various diseases. They want to enter the market for weight-control products in the US. Metabical was part of a strategic initiative that allows CSP to enter $3.74 billion market for weight control products in the United States. Metabical’s competitors are Alli and Xenical and are FDA approved. In utilizing the SWOT analysis, it was determined Metabical had positive results in the clinical trials and is decent in comparison to other competitors in the market place. It also has dual layer controlled release formulation. Opportunities for this product would be a potential large market, constant rise of obese adults and a substitute for other weight loss methods. “In principle, Metabical would be attractive to all overweight individuals” however, Barbara Printup established a more focused plan of approach: First, the approach completed by Printup is the forecasted demand by considering the number of overweight individuals in the United States and focusing down that population to those who were actively trying to......

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...Metabical: Pricing, Packaging, and Demand Forecasting for a New Weight-Loss Drug 1- Discuss Metabical’s points of differentiation compared to current weight-loss options? After 10 years of testing and spending a significant amount in research and development. Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) discovered one of the best weight- loss drug that called Metabical. Metabical has unique characteristics that make it different in market. People are always concerned about the side effect of any drug and sometime they preclude taking drug just because they are doubtful. Metabicals is differentiated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. It is the first and only prescription drug that received FDA approval to meet the needs of consumer. Negative side effects disgrace many previous prescription weight loss drugs and most people become more cautious of using any weight loss drugs. While, metabicals has very minor side effects, it becomes the optimum option to who are concerned about the negative consequences. Metabicals gained consumers’ confidence who are looking to effective method to reach a desirable weight and improve their overall health. Metabical effectiveness is one of the keys that drive the product to success. The study shows people who are taking Metabical loss an average of 26 pounds, while other who is using a placebo loss an average of 6 pounds. One of the differences is Metabical maintained weight loss levels within 10% of the clinical......

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... BETTER SOLUTION – Group 7 -AJINKYA-DIVYANGANA-KETAKI-SUHAIL-TEAM- OBJECTIVES: – ™ Product benefits ™ Target customers ™ Packaging strategy ™ Forecasting demand ™ Pricing strategy ™ Profitability and ROI Metabical – only through a ™ FDA approved and can be bought prescription ™ Lesser negative effects as compared to other available drugs ™ Only 1 tablet per day ™ Promotes a healthier lifestyle (behavioural modifications) ™ Came with a support plan ™ First drug in the overweight segment Our priority – ™ Overweight females (BMI 25-30) ™ Age group of 35-65 years ™ Income level of $50,000 - $80,000 ™ College-educated ™ The group of women wanted to lose 10- 30 pounds ™ Ready to change their lifestyle to stay healthy “ I want to make a difference to my life.” Factors affecting packaging – ™ To ensure the value addition of the consumer is maximum ™ Target customers’ willingness to spend ™ Likelihood of the completion of the program ™ Customer perception of the brand ™ Cost benefits in packaging cost ™ Reaching breakeven point ™Package size decision : 12 weeks (84 pills) Why the 12 week program – ™ The target market is women who are relatively price inelastic. So, they don’t mind paying whatever price is set ™ Usually when the consumer pays so high she is willing to try the drug for 12 weeks and thereby the impact that she will notice will be higher, which will make them come and buy again ™ The drop out......

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...METABICAL CASE STUDY REPORT INTRODUCTION Excess weight had become a big crisis in the US, affecting about 65% of the adult population leading to different kinds of health complications. In the past, several manufacturers had introduced various weight loss products like over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, herbal products, supplementary fad diets, etc. All of these have proven to be unsuccessful because of their ineffectiveness, severe side effects and lack of credibility among consumers. At this juncture, Barbara Printup, the Senior Marketing Director of Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) wants to introduce CSP’s newest revolutionary prescription drug, Metabical. It is the only FDA approved prescription drug for overweight people, which has minimal side effects and long term benefits. PURCHASING DECISION MAKING PROCESS (Q1) The communication strategy of Metabical targets both the health care provider and the consumer. Depending on the initiators there are two different purchase decision processes in the purchase of Metabical for the overweight problem. 1. For Customer: a. Problem identification: The various health awareness programs, BMI table etc help a health conscious or beauty conscious individual to identify the overweight problem. b. Information search: Once the problem is identified the individual decides on the course of action. He/She may decide to either ignore the problem or work on it. Metabical is interested in the group of individuals who are ready......

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