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Questions | Answers | What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to technology, and how has it affected everyday life? | The term media convergence with regards to technology means it involves technological merging of content through different media channels such as most media being available through the internet. This has affected many people because not only are things changing and advancing but people have to learn to use these things. As for the internet, I know of people whom still do not have access to the internet. Therefore they are limited to the information they receive. One must learn how to keep up with technology. This affects people who do not have time or that really do not want to learn it. These people make a choice not to evolve with technology and cause many others to suffer because of it. Other ways it has affected everyday life is by technology advancing such as going from paying everything with cash to banks using checks for purchases. They now have debt and credit cards available instead of checks. There are older people who are not comfortable using these types of payments. This limits them on where they can make purchases instead they should be taught how to use them correctly so they to can have full access. Radio lost a lot of listeners when television started. Television was able to broadcast news and media so therefore causing radio stations to lose money and forced cutbacks. The technology term of media convergence has affected lots of everyday life for millions of people that are not willing to learn or advance with technology. | What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to business, and how has it affected everyday life? | | What are some of the issues that result from dependency on modern media? Describe at least three issues. | | How…...

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