Media Impact on Youth Violence

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Media Impact On Youth Violence

Today’s media has influenced the youth to become more violent in the sense that what children see in the media is what they will most likely try to imamate. The impact the media has on today’s youth has brainwashed them into doing acts of violence along with making bad decisions to fit in. I remember when I was a kid growing up I watched the news from time to time and one day while watching the news randomly like I would sometimes I seen that the government was attempting to outlaw the production of urban music because in their belief it was supposedly violent and not to be heard by the youth. I followed this story on the news for a while and after a couple of weeks I found out that some of the youth was doing violent actions after listening to urban music. I wanted full proof so I watched some of my friends and how they acted after listening to urban music and as bad as it seemed the government had a point that couldn’t be augured against. Urban music had influenced drugs, sex, money, crime, and gangs the music that I listened to and liked had become the music that birthed many of today’s criminals.

The first point I would like to make would be the fact that music has had a major influence in the way the youth acts and how violent they become when hearing certain kind of music. I have seen kids at my school acting wild and violent when listening to artist like Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flames, and Lil Wayne. I have seen artist like Machine Gun Kelly have malls full of fans waiting on him shutting down local malls and making a riot like scene when they would see him. Machine Gun Kelly has the power of having a voice that’s heard by the masses since 99% of these masses are the youth of today he makes a even huger impact on them because he relates to them as well as they relate to him giving him the power to influence them to…...

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