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Measuring our worth

Jodie L. Hebner

Grantham University

In 1968, Ford Motor Company had to create a hard decision regarding recalls/maintenances of the Pinto model car and other vehicles with the same frame. It was exposed that when hit from behind the fuel tank on said vehicles would detonate causing vehicle fires injuring people and even killing people. The estimated repair per vehicle was $11, equaling approximately $121 million to make the changes to all the vehicles that were already produced. By using the risk/benefit analysis process Ford Motor Company, concluded that the risk did not outweigh the cost of implementing the changes to prevent he fuel tank from exploding. (Hartman & DesJardins, 2013)
How should the decision-making process be handled? The decision making process would be controlled very carefully so as to not look like a company that does not care around the lives of the people they who they bearing business. People must like a company to keep recurring or even mentioning to their friends and family. If a business achieves badly or has bad customer facility, people will nervous away from that organization and go to a challenger without looking back. The assessment Ford made was risky business decision by not modifying the problem with the fuel tank, however Ford was observing out making a profit even though they saw they would be losing some profits in the long run due to complaints. True the cost of maintenances did outweigh the cost of proceedings by more than twice the cost, however human life is not something one can put a price on, and human life is precious.

How should the intrinsic as well as the instrumental value of a human life be determined?
Intrinsic value of human life is slightly…...

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