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Communication style at the Vietnamese and American workplace
Phạm Thanh Huyền
University of Languages and International Studies M.A Thesis: English teaching methodolody, Code: 60 14 10 Supervisor : Phan Thị Vân Quyên, M.A Year of graduation: 2012
Abstract: Facing the fact that more and more Vietnamese and Americans have to work with each other due to the globalization, this study has been carried out to investigate and describe the Vietnamese and American communication style at the workplace. Data were obtained from 30 Vietnamese and 30 Americans who have experience working with foreigners (i.e. Americans and Vietnamese) in different companies. After analyzing and discussing the results of the survey, a number of potential problems experienced by Vietnamese and Americans when communicating were revealed. Based on these barriers, the study provided some concluding remarks of this study. Though the research is in small scale and cannot cover all problems faced by Vietnamese and Americans in intercultural working environment, the author of this study hopes that it will contribute to identifying the problems Vietnamese and Americans may experience and help their communication become easier and more effective. Keywords: Tiếng Anh; Giao tiếp; Giao tiếp nơi công sở Content CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1. Rationale In recent years many researchers in applied linguistics and professionals working for an international company have emphasised the importance of knowledge of different cultures and they agree that globalisation has brought about the growing trend to communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. With the increasing importance of the Vietnam market in the world economy, many international companies rushed and planned to enter Vietnam to explore business opportunities. International working teams in Vietnam are quite common these days. This has spurred…...

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