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MBA Class of 2013 Concentration in Finance and Financial Institutions

Corporate Development: Managing Acquisitions and Partnerships (A Management Perspective)

Professor: Maurizio Zollo E-mail: Office: Via Roentgen, 1 - 4-A1-09 Phone: 02 5836 2525

Teaching assistant Emanuele Bettinazzi emanuele

Learning Objectives:
Acquisitions and partnerships have become fundamental tools to manage corporate growth. No company today can afford to rely exclusively on organic development processes to fill its strategic gaps. However, realizing the expected value through external growth has proved to be far from obvious: value is being destroyed just as frequently (and copiously) as it is being created. In this course, we will discuss the factors leading to success and failure in corporate development processes, focusing on four different but interdependent set of questions: • When should acquisitions be preferred to partnerships (or vice versa) in the implementation of a given strategy? • How should the value potential and the risks connected to a given development opportunity be assessed? • How can the potential be translated into actual value creation through appropriate design and execution choices in the post-transaction phase? • What are the barriers to learning how to manage corporate development processes and how to remove them to ensure a rapid development of the required capabilities? The course is designed to cater directly for the needs of those aiming at careers in: • corporate development for medium and large organizations • general management with P&L responsibility • strategy consulting and investment banking, to understand the rationale and the consequences of their advice for their clients’ satisfaction

Full Time MBA. For people who just won’t stop.

Course Methodology:
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