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Four season 53, properties and 24 countries
Consistently exceptional services
High quality personalize services “maximize value of the time”
Learning from hotel in France are applicable to apply for other locations
New strategy of overseas growth
Generally operate mid-size hotel and resort (instead of owning)
Performance review from 1996 t0 2K
Compounded revenue growth 22% per annum
Operating margin growth from 58.8% to 67.9%
RevPAR 32% higher than US Com ang 27% higher than European players
Management structure and team
General manager is overall responsible for single property, variable portion 30% of base salary
Profit 50% weightage
Service quality:- 25 % wt
People measures: - 25 % wt
Regional management is Key component
Italian in Italy, French in France
No bragging, no excuse
NO excuse tolerance, customer services prevalent at all levels
Strong Allegiance to the firm:-
Family culture, firm’s interest at the top
Four season approach to international growth:-
Diversity and Singularity:-
With essence of local culture standardize operating procedure across the globe.
Tailor made interiors to give local flavor with standardize operation of global standards
Cultural cameleon
Implementing local learnings globally
Globally Uniform standards:-
Global “service culture standards” (exhibit 4)
270 core operating standards (exhibit 5) applicable world wide
Exception permitted if they make local sense (exception of leaving coffee pot at france)
Minimum expectation
Performance evaluation through External and Internal Audit
Delivering intelligent, anticipator and enthusiastic services world wide
Just for you
Intelligent service
If employees are empathetic, anticipate guest needs to reduce distance between employee and guest
Human resource and golden rule
One should treats others as one would wish to be…...

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