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1. Reuben (Num. 26:5–11): 43,730 Rueben means look or see, a son. 2. Simeon (Num. 26:12–14): 22,200which means hearing 3. Gad (Num. 26:15–18): 40,500Gad (fortune) 4. Judah (Num. 26:19–22): 76,500 s meaning ‘praised’, as derived from the root ydh, ‘to praise

5. Issachar (Num. 26:23–25): 64,300j Issachar sounds like the Hebrew for reward. 6. Zebulun (Num. 26:26–27): 60,500 “gift” as well as “honor” 7. Manasseh (Num. 26:28–34): 52,700 8. Ephraim (Num. 26:35–37): 32,500 9. Benjamin (Num. 26:38–41): 45,600Son of my right hand 10. Dan (Num. 26:42–43): 64,400 (judgement), saying, “God hath judged me 11. Asher (Num. 26:44–47): 53,400 (happy) (“blessing”) 12. Naphtali (Num. 26:48–50): 45,400(wrestlings), My struggle 13. Levi (Num. 26:57–62): 23,000 which means attachment, saying, (joined),
God has used some of the worst things to accomplish some of the best.

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Reuben – viewing (or behold) the son
Simeon – hearing and obeying
Levi – joining or cleaving to
Judah – confession or praise of God
Zebulon – home or dwelling place
Issachar – reward or what is given by way of reward
Dan – judging
Gad – a company
Asher – happy or blessed (blessings). This word is always in the plural form.
Naphtali – a wrestler or striving with
Joseph – added, an addition
Benjamin – son of the right hand

Reuben – Focus/Worship
Simeon – Wisdom
Levi – Embrace
Judah – Praise/Declare
Zebulon – Abide
Issachar – Reward/Treasure
Dan – Discernment
Gad – Fellowship
Asher -Blessings
Naphtali – Conqueror or victory…...

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