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Coca-Cola strategy
Today, our Coca-Cola Company serves consumers in over 200 countries and has expanded to about 400 licensed brands. The issue we face is how to continue growing and adjusting to local demands, while at the same time building a coordinated strategy with direction from the center. Thus, we need to come up with a blended solution that can combine standardization and localization.
Coca-Cola has pursued many strategies of localization and also standardization, yet none of them were successful. However, the midpoint strategy of my predecessor Neville Isdell was most successful. Our company needs to develop a marketing mix in which each channel of distribution is taking local and standard strategies into account. In order to target the right market, our employees must have flexibility, but also central coordination, to develop standards of promotion, product and price. I recommend using a blended strategy based on the reasons I will mention now in the SWOT analysis.
The strength of a blended strategy includes increased recognition that our company gains when acting globally and personal relationships maintained by acting locally. Global themes like “happiness” and “enjoyment” are consistent across countries and therefore, can be used in a successful global marketing campaign. Because those marketing themes are globally consistent, our products can provide a bridge between different cultures. Furthermore, localizing our strategy can help in satisfying specific customer demands. It is necessary for our company to not only be recognized as a huge international company, but also as a company which has personal relationships with their diverse customers. In order to make every customer feel unique, we need to respond to their cultural needs. One way we can do this is to continue with research of consumer preferences. Not only do the products need to be…...

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