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Marketing Comparison: International and Domestic
Australia and the United States

Marketing Comparison: International and Domestic
Australia and the United States
As defined by the American Marketing Association,'Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders' (AMA, 2004, 2). The definition is applied to any product, business firm'in any targeted country.
Marketing is the core of any business venture. Two basic functions are derived from marketing: 1) to retain and sustain present customer base, and 2) to develop new and/or improved customer relations. Focusing on these two aspects is the essence of marketing. The plan for why, whom, how, and when'surrounding the product, service, or idea' all develop and stem from marketing ideas and concepts. Marketing is a process, a plan developed to identify, foresee, and satisfy customer needs and desires'no matter the product or service, the business, or the country. Whether the market is a domestic or international venue, marketing activities are essentially the same; however, must be tailored to the unique attributes of the product and the country of target.

Mercadeo es un proceso, un plan desarrollado para identificar, prever y satisfacer las necesidades y deseos de los clientes, sin importar el producto o servicio, el negocio o el país. Ya sea el mercado doméstico o terreno internacional, las actividades de mercadeo son esencialmente las mismas; sin embargo, deben ser adaptadas a los atributos únicos del producto y el país del mercado meta.

Cultural Influences
Understanding the principles of culture as well as the individual cultural diversity and similarities of target locations allows marketers to recognize that one…...

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