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What are the 5 models of consumer behavior? | 1. Marketing Stimuli
2. Other stimuli
3. Consumer psychology
3. Consumer characteristics
4. Buying decision process
5. Purchase decision | Wat are the 4 marketing stimuli of consumer behavior? | 1. Products and service
2. Price
3. Distirbution
4. Communications | What are the other 4 stimuli of consumer behavior? | 1. Economical
2. Political
3. Technological
4. Cultural | What are the 4 stimuli of consumer psychology? | 1. Motivation
2. Perception
3. Learning
4. Memory | What are the 3 stimuli of consumer characteristics? | 1. Cultural
2. Social
3. Personal | What are the 5 stimuli of buying decision process? | 1. problem recognition
2. information search
3. evaluation of alternatives
4. purchase decision
5. Post purchase behavior | What are the 6 stimuli of purchase decision? | 1. product choice
2. brand choice
3. dealer choice
4. purchase amount
5. Purchase timing
6. Payment method | What influences consumer behavior? | 1. cultural factors
2. social factors
3. personal
4. psychological | What are the 5 reference groups? | 1. Membership groups
2. primary groups
3. secondary groups
4. aspirational groups
5. dissasociative groups | What are the 8 personal factors which influence consumer behavior? | 1. Age
2. Life cycle stage
3. Occupation
4. Wealth
5. personality
6. values
7. life-style
8. self concepts | What are the lifestyle influences? | 1. multi tasking
2. time starved
3. money constrained | What are the 4 key psychological processes of consumer behavior? | 1. Motivation
2. Peception
3. Learning
4. Memory | What is Herzberg's Two-Factor theory of movtivation? | Behavior is guided by motivating and hygiene factors. | What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? | Behavior is driven by lowest, unmet need | What is Freud’s…...

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