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Marketing Mix

Clarisa Santiago


April 3, 2013

Instructor Steve Fritzenkotter

Elements of the Marketing Mix

What are the elements of the marketing mix, the elements are the four P’s. The four P’s include product, place, price, and promotion. These elements are essential for the success of an organization. If any of these elements are missing on a marketing plan the organization’s product might fail. The next couple of paragraphs will describe the elements of the marketing mix. This paper will include Mary Kay has an example of how the four P’s are used in the marketing mix. The book provides a description for the four P’s for the marketing mix but it also talks about the four P’s used by management. The four P’s management use reflects a more accurate modern market. The marketing mix focuses on product, place, price, and promotion. The new management P’s focus on people, processes, programs, and performance. Product as described in the book and in class is a service or article of good that a company supplies to customers. For example Tide detergent offers customers with a detergent that makes cloths look newer for a longer period of time and it also give the cloths a nice smell. Place is described has the area the product is manufactured or where the product is sold to the customers. Price is how much a product is worth and how much the customer is also willing to pay for the product. Promotion is the advertising of the product which includes press release, sale promotions, coupons, public relations, and word of mouth.
Mary Kay Market Mix Mary Kay’s offers skin care product to beautify women around the world. The company was started by Mary Kay in a small room in Dallas, Texas back in 1963. Mary Kay offers many other products aside from skin care, it also offers makeup from eye shadow to…...

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...MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS (BMAN 70441) University Student ID: 7922185(0) Application of the marketing mix is no longer relevant for firms adopting a contemporary approach to marketing. Is this statement true? Write an essay that critically assesses this statement with reference to relevant literature and briefly outline suitable practical examples of firm’s practices where appropriate. Introduction Marketing developed as a distinctive management function in the period between the First World War and the Second World War (Lindgreen et al., 2004) which according to Marshall (1927) focused purely on distribution and exchange of goods. Period through the 1950s and 1960s as observed by (Borden, 1964) saw a tremendous increase in the evolution and interest in the subject of marketing, leading to the development of the concept of transactional marketing. The Marketing Mix Model also called as transaction marketing has been used as a corner stone of marketing for virtually four decades (Grönroos, 1994). Since its inception, McCarthy’s (1964) Four Ps- Product, Promotion and Place have been of utmost importance in the marketing management text (Yudelson, 1999). The model has seen little change since 1950s and as time has progressed; goods and services have noticeably transformed, both in terms of appearance and perceived value (Grönroos ,1994). Piller and Müller (2004) further observed that the customers had changed...

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