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Each Tutorial Class has been assigned one product (see pp. 2 – 6 of this document for the allocation) for their respective “Major Project”. All the products assigned to all the 31
Tutorial Classes are listed in the attached document.

Tute No.

Tutor’s Name


Dr. Mahfuz Ashraf

Product Assigned

Disposable Baby Diaper

Belayet Hossain Khan


Abdul Rehman Ashraf PRODUCT 2
Ngoc Luu


Gogoro Smartscooter

Felicity Haylock
Christopher A Siaw

Siemens smart hearing aids



Huy Nguyen
Seiya Takeda

Samsung SUHD TVs

Tony Lu
Vicki Andonopolous

Panasonic UHD Blu‐ray player

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(For students in Tutorials W10A, W11A, W12A, W15A, W16A, W17A, W18A
Tutors: Dr. Mahfuz Ashraf and Mr. Belayet Hossain Khan)

Disposable baby diaper

For more information check:‐detail/hot‐new‐products‐for‐2014‐ disposable_60008561435.html?s=p‐detail/hot‐new‐products‐for‐2014‐ disposable_60008561435/showimage.html Page 2

(For students in Tutorials T18B, W17B, F09A, F10A, H10A, H11A
Tutors: Abdul Rehman Ashraf and Ms. Ngoc Luu)
Gogoro Smartscooter

Page 3

Gogoro’s Smartscooter is an electric scooter with a range of nearly 100 miles, but you don’t recharge its battery: you swap it. The company will operate a series of hubs where batteries can…...

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