Managment Is Name of the Game

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Management is the name of the Game

L. G. Kulkarni

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Sushil S. Patil
MMS I (α – 08)
About Author:

Mr. L. G. Kulkarni is not author by profession. He is the former DY. Managing Director State Bank of India. He has written this book to give insider view of management to common man. Not much information is available about him. He is famous for his anecdotes.

About the book:

This book provides a rambling journey of a practicing manger and his experiences in the management game. Full of hilarious jokes, anecdotes and, at times, satire, the book provides an insider’s versions of the lofty platitudes and concepts of the management. It is very readable book. You will never get tired, while reading this book. You will understand what is actually happening in firms under the name of the management. This book will entertain you; make you laugh and still, will provide a insight to management.


Chapter 1: The management Game:

Management is making the best of inadequate resources in the imperfect world.

Management must not be merely useful; it has to be effective. Efficiency is input – output relationship – how much has been achieved per unit cost. Effectiveness is the plan – output relationship – how much of the plan has been achieved.

Action is more important than activity. Responsibility carried is more important than hard work you are doing. For ex. a bikini costs more than what a tiny piece of cloth it is made would warrant. This is because responsibility per square inch it carries.

Manager has to posses the numerous qualities like job knowledge, ability to plan, ability to organise, ability to handle people, ability to take risks and even take decisions.

Manager should have professional integrity. Personal integrity is must. Professional integrity is what you profess as the principles of your…...

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