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No one likes a boring day. When you’re sitting there doing nothing, you feel like an unproductive loser. That’s why I like to pile on as many things as possible. But sometimes you can’t get it all done and, well, you feel like an unproductive loser again. That’s when good time management becomes important.
Managing time is nothing new to me, but I’m always looking for a better way to do it. Of all the different methods and tricks that I’ve tried, I think these five are the ones that consistently work the best for me:
1. Just Say No to Facebook. It’s so tempting to log on, just to see troll through groups, check out who updated their status and who’s just now uploaded his or her new photos. But if you have a lot of work to do, you must avoid it! We all know the drill: you get on there just to check for new messages and the next thing you know, you’ve wasted two precious hours. I still haven’t really mastered this one, but when I am able to avoid Facebook , I get things done in much less time.

2. The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step. This is actually my favorite one. As we all probably know, starting something we don’t want to do is often the hardest part of finishing it. To deal with this, I tell myself that I’m going to work on that statistics problem set for five minutes. At the end of five minutes, I say “just five more.” If you just do that a few times, you’ll build up the momentum to the point where it’s harder to stop than to keep going.” .This is a very effective way of getting things done, because it doesn’t take much inner strength to say “I’m going to do five minutes of homework.”

3. Write Everything Down. Sometimes you’re able to remember all your homework and projects without writing them down in a planner, but at some point, you completely forget some big project or essay, and those zeros are lethal. Write down the important…...

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