Managing People for Competitive Advantage

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MG 504—Managing People for Competitive Advantage, Fall 2013
Case Analysis Guidelines

Choose two (2) Individual Case Write-Ups from these found in your textbook, one from group A, one from group B:

Group A
Meg Whitman at eBay Inc.
Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co.
GSK’s Acquisition of Sirtris
Utah Symphony- Utah Opera Merger
Group B
JetBlue Airways
Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley
Netflix Compensation Your Objective

Using the information provided in the text and additional research, your goal is to answer the questions that are implied or stated at the end of the case, and to describe the case using the ideas, models, and concepts of this course. This is an essay, not a consultant’s report, so you will not directly be making recommendations. See examples of suggested questions for some of cases in the final section below.

Length: 1200 minimum (4+ pages of double-spaced, 12-point font text).
Due date: See Class Schedule for date on which your selected case is due.
Submission: Via upload to the corresponding ASSIGNMENT area on EIDOS.

The Cases

All of the cases used in this course are based on real situations. Each case contains a different blend of information and anecdotes about the firm, its business environment, and the people who manage it. No case will ever contain all the facts you would like to know in order to make a totally comprehensive assessment.

In preparing your write-up, make your analysis from the point in time of the conclusion of the case description. NOTE: In the final section of your paper, you should update the case to indicate recent developments.

General case analysis questions to guide your thinking

* Focus your analysis on the course topic…...

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