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Bellagio Casino and Resort
1. Briefly describe the objective(s), strategy and control problems faced in the organization. Bellagio Casino and Resort has its own challenges within the establishment of gaming, entertainment, conference, dining and accommodation products. One of its main objectives is to capture the high-end luxury clients who are looking for a holiday outing and features. These clients are out to spend, and this poses a great opportunity for Bellagio's strategy. Bellagio strategy focuses on diversification of the corporate business investing in a wide range of luxury products. The business unit competitive strategy design allows for low-cost pricing of the products and prices, presenting a competitive edge over the rest of the similar organizations. Some of the control problems that affect Bellagio are the pace of technological advancements in the entertainment and gaming industry. (Askew, 2011) The control challenges that face the organization include the political and economical climate within the local and international industry. Similar companies are venturing into the business posing the risk of completion within the market for suppliers, customers, and regulators. Bellagio faces the risk of high uncertainty in the casino business, and it is quite difficult to predict the optimal targets.
Figure: Bellagio Casino and Resort Corporate Diversification Strategy

2. Describe contingent factors (as discussed in seminar 12) that are relevant in the determination of the Management Control System choices at the Bellagio

In the case of Bellagio Casino and Resort, the three main contingent factors in the determination of the Management Control System alternatives are discussed below;
Organizational factors: By analyzing the organizational factors, some of the risks that determine the Management Control System include the business risk…...

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