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BSBCUS501A: Manage quality customer service
Assessment Tasks: Candidate Guide

Assessment Information
The assessment activities associated with the unit of competency BSBCUS501A: Manage quality customer service are listed below:
Assessment 1: Written

Written answers to questions

Assessment 2: Project

Written responses to tasks

Assessment 3: Project

Written responses to tasks

Assessment 4: Project

Written responses to tasks

This guide contains all of the assessment tasks required for completion of unit of competency BSBCUS501A: Manage quality customer service.
Prior to commencing the assessments your assessor will explain each task to you. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and to seek clarification on any of the tasks, and your assessor will remain available to support you through the assessment process.
Your assessor is also available to discuss Recognition of Prior Learning and whether this applies to your circumstances.

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BSBCUS501A: Manage quality customer service
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