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Chain of Command- In the case is says that Starbucks needed to work on its communication but it is effective on delivering info. from baristas to store managers to district managers…. till it gets to Howard.

Cross-Functional teams- With having baristas making the drinks and having managers look over them, this allows the two to work together to produce the best product possible.

12) Which of the company's Guiding Principles affect the organizing function of Management? Explain how the one you chose would effect how Starbucks how managers deal with: a. structural issues b. communication issues c. HRM issues.

"Embrace diversity as an essential component in the way we do business"

Structural Issues- by having a diverse staff, this means you have to deal with different cultures and adapt to them.

Communication issues- this will we make things interesting because in different cultures there is different ways of communicating, Starbucks will have to train the new employees to communicate the way the company does.

HRM issues- With this you can provide international employees hotlines to ask questions on their own time to answer their questions that they might not have thought of when they where on the job.

What do you think it is like to work at Starbucks? I think it would be a very positive work environment to work in. With the training you would receive would look good on your resume for future jobs. Every Starbucks I go to there is never a unhappy employee , everyone of them are up beat and having a good time at work. This comes off on to the customers to give them a relaxed environment.


strategy manager, Global Strategy — Seattle, WA 0000P8B

Job Summary and Mission
This job contributes to Starbucks success by managing and leading strategic projects and providing leadership and support in the annual strategic…...

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