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Dr. David Dosa, and his sidekick of a nurse, Mary Miranda, play the main roles in Making Rounds With Oscar; including Oscar, of course. Dr. Dosa is a Geriatrician who works with Mary on the third floor at nursing and rehabilitation called the Steere House, located in Providence, Rhode Island. Although he is inevitably surrounded by death, Dosa couldn’t love his job more if he tried. One of his favorite parts of the job is listening to all of the stories his patients have to tell and being able to apply them to his daily life. Every story Dosa tells is about a patient and how their death somehow ends up connecting to Oscar. Oscar’s death-sensing abilities have been a hot topic of all the nurses in the Steere House for a while now. Dr. Dosa wasn’t a believer of this phenomena until he talked with various nurses on his floor and families of deceased patients. He has developed an intense curiosity about the cat and is determined to find a logical explanation, although he knows he may never find one. Dr. Dosa is a character in his own book, which gives readers a whole new point of view on geriatrics and the lives of the elderly. His stories make you feel more empathetic toward the elderly, instead of judging them for something that’s completely out of their control. Dr. Dosa
Dr. Dosa loves his job and can’t seem to understand why anyone would think otherwise. Most people think of geriatrics as being a depressing job because you’re surrounded by people who are either healthy or ill, but either way they’re going to die very soon. Usually a healthy senior will die of natural causes in their sleep, meanwhile, the unfortunate ones develop dementia and slowly deteriorate until it eventually takes their life. Most people have little to no understanding of dementia and, therefore, stereotype all old people…...

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