Making Money for the Day After Tomorrow

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Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest Corporation in our generation, it was owned and run by Mr. Bill Gates. For me as a business course student taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Making money for the day after tomorrow. Means like this: if the sales division of Microsoft in China makes money for today, and the product division makes money for tomorrow. But in the other hand the research division makes money for the day after tomorrow.

The Microsoft Research Asia serves as a Microsoft’s reserve – the talent accumulated here will lead to wealth down the road. Microsoft Research Asia is leading the wealth and future of Microsoft Corporation due to its advance research and development in the world.

With the help of the computer literate experts whose working hard to achieve its goal to the brighter and better future of our technology. Due to an effort to “stock” its reserves Microsoft Research Asia sends a representative each year to all leading colleges and universities that provides teaching in a degree that specialized in computer literate major such as computer sciences and information technology.

For the vast demand of computer literate student across the world with the help of the said universities and college across China Microsoft Research Asia is now searching for a talented lucky students to participate in the said seminars that conducted by the Microsoft Research Asia representatives. In this reason, Microsoft Research Asia launched joint labs in 10 universities across China and even has its experts deliver university lectures as part of Microsoft Research Asia’s effort to discover and uncover an foster talent to be a next Microsoft Research Asia developer.

Only lucky few student with a extra-ordinary talent in computer literate courses could apply in the said lectures made by the…...

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