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Tiffany Gabbard
18 September 2013
English 101
Advertisement Essay
Magic Youth Serum
“How do I want to look seven even busier years, two teenagers, and eight college applications from today?” This is the question that Olay Total Effects, uses in their advertisement for their Seven-In-One Moisturizer Plus Serum Duo to imply that family, time and stress cause aging to accelerate. The ad answers its own question with, “Not one day older than I do now” creating an aura of a magic serum that stops signs of aging in its tracks, even though we all know that is impossible. The words “old” and “ugly” are synonymous when a woman thinks of aging. Women lie about their age for this exact reason, so the beauty industry markets anti-aging wrinkle creams that claim to help women stay youthful and beautiful.
A close up photo of a beautiful blonde woman’s face covers almost the entire page of this advertisement. The model has very minimal makeup and almost flawless skin, aside from a few small wrinkles underneath her eyes. Her expression is confident with a slight knowing smile as if she has found the secret formula all women have been desperately searching for. At the bottom center of the page there is a small bottle of the anti-aging moisturizer surrounded by two fluids spiraling around it like a tornado. Each fluid is a different color, one white, and the other is light beige. The bottle itself is beige with the product label featuring a large golden number seven.
Overall, compared to the pictures, the text only covers about one quarter of the page. The company logo is in the top right corner with black and gold font that is larger than the rest of the text on the page making it stand out. The majority of the words on the page are black, which are a good contrast against the woman’s fair skin. The various sizes and levels of boldness in the black text emphasize ideas within…...

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