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警示 《中山大学授予学士学位工作细则》第八条:“考试作弊者,不授予学士学位。” In the multiple choice questions 1-10, only one choice is the correct answer. 1. (4 points) A woman marries her butler. Before they were married, she paid him $60,000 per year. He continues to wait on her as before (but as a husband rather than as a wage earner). She earns $1,000,000 per year both before and after her marriage. The marriage: A. does not change GDP. B. decreases GDP by $60,000. C. increases GDP by $60,000. D. increases GDP by more than $60,000. 2. (4 points) All of the following transactions that took place in 2009 would be included in GDP for 2009 except the purchase of a: A. book printed in 2009, entitled The Year 3000. B. 2001 Jeep Cherokee. C. year 2010 calendar printed in 2009. D. ticket to see the movie 2012. 3. (4 points) Use the model developed in Chapter 3, but assume that other things being equal, when the interest rate rises , consumption decreases. If there is a technological advance that leads to an increase in investment demand: A. investment increases and the interest rate rises. B. investment is unchanged and the interest rate rises. C. investment and the interest rate are both unchanged. D. investment decreases and the interest rate rises. 4. (4 points) If the Central Bank wishes to increase the money supply, it should: A. decrease the discount rate. B. increase interest paid on reserves. C. sell government bonds. D. decrease the monetary base. 5. (4 points) The costs of unexpected inflation, but not of expected inflation, are: A.…...

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