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According to the study of the DOH trough the help of the WHO that tuberculosis is an infectious disease cause by Mycobacterium tuberculosis or tubercle bacilli. The disease primarily affects the lungs and this condition is known as pulmonary tuberculosis. Other parts of the body may also be affected by tuberculosis; this is known as extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. It may affect the bones, meninges, joints, genito-urinary tract, intestines, liver, kidneys, and the heart.

A person gets infected with Tuberculosis i h or she inhales the bacteria release from air droplets when a person with Tuberculosis coughs and sneezes. Generally, the Bacteria will be killed in five minutes after direct exposure to sunlight. But these bacteria can survive for up to one year in the dark, moist, and poorly ventilated area.

A pulmonary Tuberculosis patient whos sputum is positive to Tuberculosis bacilli may spread the disease to about 10-20 persons in a year for two years. Once the patient start on taking anti-TB drugs, sputum will become negative within two weeks in most patients. But he or she needs to take the drugs completely for six months to eliminate all the Tuberculosis Bacilli in the lungs and be cured. In addition Cough for two weeks or more is most common symptom of tubetculosis. Other signs and symptoms are fever, chest or back pain not referable to other diseases, loss of weight, and blood-streaked sputum or hemoptysis.

Direct sputum smear examination should be done for persons with cough of two weeks or more. Direct sputum smear microscopy is the primary diagnostic tool because: it is specific and the procedure is simple and economical; and it can be done evenin remote areas. Treatment will last for a minimum of six months. The complete anti-TB drugs for six months cost from Php. 1,000 to Php. 4,000. since…...

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