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Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks

Loan Portfolio Management
Comptroller’s Handbook
April 1998


Loan Portfolio Management

Table of Contents
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Introduction Overview Risks Associated with Lending Credit Culture and Risk Profile Loan Portfolio Objectives Strategic Planning for the Loan Portfolio Financial Goals Risk Tolerance Portfolio Risk and Reward The Loan Policy Loan Policy Topics Loan Approval Process Portfolio Management Oversight Risk Identification Exceptions to Policy, Procedures, and Underwriting Guidelines Documentation Exceptions Policy and Underwriting Exceptions Aggregate Exception Tracking and Reporting Portfolio Segmentation and Risk Diversification Identifying Concentrations of Risk Evaluating and Managing Concentrations of Risk Concentration Management Techniques Stress Testing Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses Credit Management Information Systems Collections and Work-out Lending Control Functions Independence Credit Policy Administration Loan Review Audit Administrative and Documentation Controls

Comptroller’s Handbook


Loan Portfolio Management

Communication with Senior Management and the Board Loan Portfolio Management Supervision Asset Quality Reviews Targeted Reviews Process Reviews Administrative and Documentation Reviews Compliance Reviews Follow-up Evaluations on Management Commitments Ongoing Supervision Examination Procedures General Procedures Quantity of Risk Quality of Risk Management Conclusion Procedures Appendixes A. Topics of Loan Policy B. 12 CFR 30 — Safety and Soundness Standards C. Portfolio Credit Risk Management Processes D Loan Production Offices E. Loan Participations F. Loan Brokerage and Servicing Activities G. IRS Express Determination Letters References…...

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...1. Fundamentals of Loan Analysis 1.1 Objectives and Methods of Loan Analysis Loan analysis is to ensure that loans are made on appropriate terms to clients who can and will pay them back. What analysis is needed and what is the most efficient approach to fulfill that need is primarily determined by the type and nature of the loan. • Objectives of Loan Analysis • To place good and appropriate loans -- can the loan generate income for repayment and will the client repay • Determine eligibility of the applicant -- is he/she eligible according to the the program criteria • Training needs and skills -- to assess the training needs and develop the financial management skills level of the client. (This is the basic principal of programs that integrate their credit and training methodologies.) • Program Indicators -- loan analysis may also be used to generate the indicators that will be used to evaluate the impact of the loan. 1.2 What Analysis is Needed? How do we determine what is needed to adequately analysis a loan? What type of information is critical? Some types of loans require more thorough analysis than others. Larger, long-term loans for fixed assets require more thorough analysis than short-term working capital loans. For individual loans, loan analysis and follow-up visits provide most of the guarantee for the institution and thus the analysis is necessarily more extensive. Group loans transfer most of this responsibility to the......

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