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How would you like to have to blow out 198 candles?... “Aging isn’t inevitable; it’s a disease and scientists can cure it.” People everywhere have been craving the thought of being immortal since the beginning of time. With the help of genius minds and modern technology, men and women don’t have to face the tragic infliction of aging. As time progresses, people don’t just to look younger, they want to feel younger. So the question is; Is it a good thing to be immortal? I say yes. Being Immortal is a curse. The loneliness would be unalienable, and resources extinct. The value of life would decrease due to growth in population, causing crime to increase. First, loneliness would be vivid and depression uncontrollable due to the constant death of family and friends. Personally, I know what it feels like to lose someone that meaning so much about, and I think that it would be more than awful to bury generations of loved ones. I agree that advancing in age will enable ones ability to interact with future generations that they wouldn’t they wouldn’t have been capable to before the advancement of technology. Trumping the chance to meet decades of people, is the loneliness of death.

Furthermore, once the new technology to keep people imortal the planet earth would be in jeopardy. To date the world population is right over 7.2 billion people, and considered over populated. When the advancements in technology to to assist the population by erasing their expiration date, planet earth will be crammed with billions of billions of humans. Resources to date are dangerously low and global warming is at an all time high, and with the rapid increase of population the demand for resources will become extinct. Even though the technology that you use would be amazing, the earth couldn’t survive immortal humans.

Thus the value of life is the glue to help keep…...

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