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As a perioperative nurse, surgery is my everyday environment and patient safety is my main concern. Working in the operating room patients under anesthesia cannot advocate for themselves. As operating room nurses we have to make sure our patients are safe and have no sentinel events. Surgical safety is my research practice problem of interest.

Mottram, A. (2012). Day surgery patients perceptions of risk: a qualitative research study. Journal of International Association of Ambulatory Surgery, 17 (4), 69-73.
Aim: The aim of the study was to gain new insight into the perceptions of day surgery patients. Method: 145 patients aged 18-70 years and 100 carers were recruited from the pre-operative assessment clinics in 2 public hospitals in the United Kingdom. They participated in semi-structured interviews on 3 occasions over a two year period. Findings: Patients’ preferred day surgery because they saw it as a form of risk management. Fears of cross-infection and neglect in in-patient care generated by high profile press reports made them believe day surgery was a less risky option for surgical care. They also needed “to have a say” in their treatment options especially in relation to anaesthesia. Conclusion: Patients are no longer passive recipients of health care but wish to have a say in their treatment options. Risk is linked to trust so day surgery personnel must ensure that full information, welcoming attitude and pleasant environment is presented to patients.

Pai, M. S., Bhaduri, A., Jain, A. G., Kumar, V., & Sethi, S. (2008). The experiences of mothers of pediatric surgery children--a qualitative analysis. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 23(6), 479-489.

The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of mothers of children admitted in the pediatric surgery ward. Respondents consisted of a…...

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