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The present paper discusses the actual needs for developing the kinky boots company, here the innovations and ideas of the 4th generation Steve Pateman’s Kinky Boots story based on the WJ Brooks of Earls Barton’s family business. The kinky boots company previously known as W J Brooks and Co is a shoemaking firm in the village of Earls Barton, near Northampton. This company has been making shoes for over 100 years. It was founded in the year 1889 with 80 people but in the meanwhile due to economic (cheap) foreign imports, and the strong pound value, sales have been collapsed and the company lost money. They used to pay the money but had no work for the employees (David Gritten, 2005). In the year 1998 the work force was almost halved and Steve felt heavy responsibility for the remaining 30 people and so he has taken his drastic steps towards his family business. The desperate and reluctant owner inspired by an outrageous drag queen to change his product to fetish footwear for transvestites. The present paper mainly discuss about the analysis made on which strategy will yield better profits for the kinky boots company.
Literature review:
Organizational issues:
For a new emerging organization which is of exposed firm, fluid units retrain comparatively employees and few managers as well as non-central functions contracted exterior to the organization. Such a rising organizations will be definitely focus on improving their significant competencies as well as designing techniques and innovative process which are considered as a part of the organization with the exception from its competition. Further the growth in the manufacturing industry has been motivated by improvement in technology and degree of difference in wage scales. These areas have made the organizations like kinky boots consider them as an element of the incorporated global economy.…...

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