Limited Employee Parking

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Limited Employee Parking: Business Research Part 3 cdkendzie,


May ______, 2014

Dr. Annette West

Limited Employee Parking: Business Research Part 3


Becoming a daily driver in NYC is considered a luxury even for employers because there is a mass amount of public transportation including taxi and livery cab services to transport everyone to and from work. The population is over crowded with millions of citizens and not enough room to park vehicles on the street or inside public garages in specific areas. Unless you work for a major corporation that owns a large amount of property to build parking, you must take public transportation to and from work. It is impossible to avoid a double-parked fine of $120.00 or a tow resulting in $250.00 for occupying a no parking zone. Drivers lose their vehicles from the pressure of parking violations and cannot drive to work.
Purpose of the Research

The purpose of the research is to uncover ways to provide adequate parking for the organization's employees. The research should be reflected to look at all the alternatives to improve parking for employees and the advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, if the company was going to build a parking garage, how much would this addition cost the company and where would the employees park until the construction was complete? Conducting research to answer these types of questions is critical for an organization to avoid unnecessary cost and creating more issues for the company. The purpose of the research is to solve the employee parking situation without creating more issues for the employees.
Research Questions

Question One: Should company executives and real estate owner’s work towards building more…...

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