Lets All Try to Relax

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Let’s all try to Relax

Stress is a word that is known a little too well in the world today. Most stresses come from financial or family problems, but people overlook one of the main reasons stress lingers through the day, and that is through their jobs. Job stress can be completely avoidable if the right measures are taken, but when ignored can lead to serious medical problems including depression and other health risks. Some of the facts that I will be going over are; Companies who eliminate stress from the work place, health risks from companies who do not, and the outcome that comes from practicing these two different theories. People today get so stressed out over things that could be easily solved, or just be eliminating some of the work that is put on their plate. If we could try to eliminate some of the work stress it may help boost employee health, and even absenteeism. If stress still lingers at jobs, the risks could be fatal, and could have very well been avoided. According to Diane Brady, a writer from Bloomsburg Business week, some companies are taking the proper precautions in eliminating stress from their employees at work. One example of a company that she used was Bank of America. Which just issued a memo advising their employees to take a minimum of four weekend days off per month. This shows that the company really does care about their employees, and wants to try to eliminate their work stress form them, and to have just some days to relax with their friends and families. Brady also talks about how the major source of stress on workers in the U.S. is the worry of data about the costs of being stressed and sleep deprived. You are more likely to get into a car crash, drink too much, blow a meeting, have family problems, and fall to a health issue like a heart attack. She also discusses a topic called, “Secondhand stress,” which…...

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