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| Lindbergh Baby Analysis | Intro to Criminal Justice | Courtney Brown

The Lindbergh baby case was one of the most controversial cases due to the families’ popularity and it highlighted some questionable actions within the criminal justice system. The case was a pivotal point in history and shaped the justice system for that era. All of the components, police, courts and corrections, played a significant role in the case. Each component highlighted distinct and questionable actions within their scope of responsibilities. Due to this being such a high profile case these controversial actions were magnified. As with any crime that is committed, the police are the initial point of contact. The police are there to provide emergency services and to investigate crimes. The police played an important role in the process by investigating the crime and finding evidence that would eventually lead them to apprehend and offender. From the beginning the police were already experiencing setbacks due to a lack of detail and information. The offender left no footprints and the only evidence were scratches made by a ladder that was used to gain entry into a window. Although the police did not have much evidence in the beginning they eventually complied a significant about of forensic evidence against Mr. Hauptmann. According to encyclopida.com the most important piece of evidence was the wooden ladder that was examined by numerous wood experts.
The case was then turned over to the courts to conduct a fair trial. This case highly publicized because Hauptmann’s defense was paid for by the New York Journal in exchange for the rights to the story. Some would say that the trial was not fair because it was based solely on circumstantial evidence and there were also violations of handwriting analysis protocol. Mr. Hauptmann was instructed by the police to…...

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