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Legal Foundation of Education

Counselling Referral Processes

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Brenda R. Tadeja
Division of Caloocan City

• refers to the practice of helping clients find needed expert assistance that referring counselor cannot provide
•Direct the client to another counselor with a higher level of training or special expertise related to the clients need

When to Refer?
• When a student presents a problem or a request for information which is beyond your level of competency. • When you feel that personality differences (which cannot be resolved) between you and the student will interfere with his or her effective progress. • If the problem is personal and you know the student on other than a professional basis (friend, neighbor, etc.).
• If the student is reluctant to discuss his/her problem with you for some reason.
• If, after a period of time, you do not believe your communication with a student has been effective
Who to Refer?
Anyone able to identify situations needing specialized counseling or advising deserves commendation. In addition, referring a student to the office appropriate to the problem demonstrates to the student that you have his or her best interests at heart.
How to Make a Referral
• The service is free to all students. • Confidentiality, to the limits provided by the law and court is respected.
• No record of a student's use of the Counseling Center is made on a transcript, job placement file, or administrative file.
• Information cannot be released without the student 's permission (the usual exception being cases of imminent harm and danger to the student or others).

A referral process may be made by: * Student (self) * Peer * Teacher * Parent * School Nurse * Administrator * Outside Agencies or Individuals


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