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This CONTRACT OF LEASE is made and executed at the City of Angeles, this day of _______________, 20__, by and between: Azucena B. Dizon, of legal age, widowed, Filipino, and with residence and postal addressat 9259 Del Pilar st. Dau Mabalacat Pampanga , hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR. -AND- HOREB International a Korean non profit religious organization and with residence and postal address at Timog Park Angeles City, hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE. WITNESSETH; That WHEREAS, the LESSOR is the owner of THE LEASED PREMISES, a residential property situated at Corazon Ave. Barrio CutCut Angeles city); WHEREAS, the LESSOR agrees to lease-out the property to the LESSEE and the LESSEE is willing to lease the same; NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises, the LESSOR leases unto the LESSEE and the LESSEE hereby accepts from the LESSOR the LEASED premises, subject to the following: TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. PURPOSES: That premises hereby leased shall be used exclusively by the LESSEE for residential purposes only and shall not be diverted to other uses. It is hereby expressly agreed that if at any time the premises are used for other purposes, the LESSOR shall have the right to rescind this contract without prejudice to its other rights under the law. 2. TERM: This term of lease is for FIVE (5) YEARS. from August 1 2013 to August 1, 2018 inclusive. Upon its expiration, this lease may be renewed under such terms and conditions as my be mutually agreed upon by both parties, written notice of intention to renew the lease shall be served to the LESSOR not later than seven (7) days prior to the expiry date of the period herein agreed upon. 3. RENTAL RATE: The monthly rental rate for the leased premises shall be in PESOS: THREE…...

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Lease Contract

...CONTRACT OF LEASE KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Contract of Lease is entered into at Davao City , Philippines, this _______day of ______________200_ by and between: _______________ , _________Citizen, of legal age, with postal address at _______________________________________ , hereinafter referred to as the “LESSOR”. -and- MR./MRS__________________________________________________with address at __________________PASSPORT NO.:______________________hereinafter referred to as the “LESSEE”, WITNESSETH: THAT WHEREAS, the LESSOR is the registered, legal, absolute owner of ___________________________________ (2 Bedrooms-Fully Furnished) w/ Parking Slot and , furnished as per Annex “A” hereof, hereinafter referred to as the “LEASED PREMISES”. WHEREAS, the LESSEE desires to lease the above-mentioned LEASED PREMISES, and the LESSOR is willing to lease the same unto the LESSEE subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter specified. NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing and the mutual covenants hereinafter set forth, the LESSOR has let and leased, and by these presents does hereby lease unto the LESSEE the aforesaid LEASED PREMISES known as _____________________ , and the LESSEE hereby accepts the same by way of lease, subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. PERIOD OF LEASE. The lease shall be for a period of __________________from _____________, 200_ to_________________200_,...

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... Applicable Standard * IAS 17: Leases Classification of Leases * Finance leases (substantially all of the risks and rewards of ownership are transferred to the lessee) * Operating leases (otherwise) * Note that because Land has indefinite useful life, it is typically classified as an operating lease Calculating Total Finance Charge over Lease Term * Total minimum lease payments (cash) * - Cost of the asset (i.e. lower of fair value and PV of minimum lease payments) * = Total finance charge Accounting for Operating Leases Accounting for Operating Leases as Lessee * P&L * Lease expense recognised in P&L. * Note that lease expense is an accrual item, not a cash item. It is calculated as the total lease payments (cash, incorporating any discounts or deposits) under the contract, spread evenly over the lease term. * Lease payment typically covers both interest and principal payments (just like a mortgage) * Balance sheet * Recognise an asset item (for pre-payments) or liability item (accrual for lease) due to the timing differences between cash payments and lease expense. Accounting in Operating Leases as Lessor * Continue to hold the asset in its books and depreciate as per normal. * Recognise the rental as income, accrual item on the income statement. * Differences in timing between cash......

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...Residential Lease Agreement THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is made and entered into this ______ day of ____________, 20 ____, by and between ______________________________ hereinafter referred to as "Landlord" and _____________________________, hereinafter referred to as "Tenant". 1. Landlord leases to Tenant and Tenant leases from Landlord, upon the terms and conditions contained herein, the dwelling located at _____________________________________________ for the period commencing on the _____ day of __________,20 ___, and thereafter until the _____ day of _____________, 20 ___, at which time this Lease Agreement shall automatically renew each year unless terminated in writing. The Tenant is required to give the Landlord in writing a notice 1 month (30 days) in advance of his/her moving. Notice must be given on the first day of a month. If notice is given after the first day of the month, the 1 month (30 day) notice will not start until the following month. (The notice must be one full calendar month starting on the first day of a month.) Rent may be increased at any time after first year and the security deposit cannot be used for rent. 2. Tenant shall pay as rent the sum of $ ____________ per month, due and payable monthly, in advance, no later than 5:00 p.m. by the fifteenth day of every month. Tenant further agrees to pay a late charge of $___________ for each day rent is not received after the forth of the month to the Landlord regardless of the cause, including......

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...Initial measurement The fair value of a liability for a lease termination under a cease-use date approach is the present value of the contractual obligation adjusted for valuation assumptions (e.g., market risk premium and/or profit margin) that reflect the amount a market participant would require to assume the obligation at the measurement date. In valuing a lease under the cease-use date approach, the fair value of the obligation should be determined based on the remaining lease rentals, adjusted for the effects of any prepaid or deferred items recognized, reduced by estimated sublease rentals that could be reasonably obtained, even if the entity does not intend to sublease (so long as it is contractually permitted). While ―remaining lease rentals‖ as discussed in ASC 420-10-30-8 is not defined in existing literature, ASC 420-10-30-9 states ―A liability for costs that will continue to be incurred under a contract for its remaining term without economic benefit to the entity shall be measured at its fair value at the cease-use date.‖ Therefore, if executory costs (e.g., common area maintenance costs, real estate taxes) are required to be paid by the lessee as part of the lease contract, those costs will continue to be incurred by the lessee and should be included in any calculation of contract termination costs. The measurement of any net liability would be a discounted amount that includes the nonperformance risk associated with the liability and an appropriate market......

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...Wren Co. leased a building to Brill under an operating lease for ten years at $50,000 per year, payable the first day of each lease year. Wren paid $15,000 to a real estate broker as a finder’s fee. The building is depreciated $12,000 per year. For year 1, Wren incurred insurance and property tax expense totaling $9,000. Wren’s net rental income for year 1 should be a. $27,500
 b. $29,000
 c. $35,000
 d. $36,500 3. (a) Net rental income on an operating lease is equal to rental revenue less related expenses, as computed below. Rental revenue $50,000 Depreciation expense (12,000) Executory costs (9,000) Finder’s fee ($15,000 ÷10) (1,500) Net rental income $27,500 The finder’s fee ($15,000) is capitalized as a deferred charge at the inception of the lease and amortized over ten years to match the expense to the revenues it enabled the lessor to earn 11. On January 1, year 1, Mollat Co. signed a seven-year lease for equipment having a ten-year economic life. The present value of the monthly lease payments equaled 80% of the equipment’s fair value. The lease agreement provides for neither a transfer of title to Mollat nor a bargain purchase option. In its year 1 income statement Mollat should report a. Rent expense equal to the year 1 lease payments.
 b. Rent expense equal to the year 1 lease payments less interest expense.
 c. Lease amortization equal to one-tenth of the equipment’s fair value.
 d. Lease amortization equal to one-seventh of 80% of......

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...CHAPTER 21 ACCOUNTING FOR LEASES IFRS questions are available at the end of this chapter. TRUE-FALSe—Conceptual Answer No. Description T 1. Benefits of leasing. F 2. Accounting for long-term leases. F 3. Classifying lease containing purchase option. T 4. Accounting for executory costs. F 5. Depreciating a capitalized asset. F 6. Lessee recording of interest expense. T 7. Benefit of leasing to lessor. F 8. Distinction between direct-financing and sales-type leases. F 9. Lessors’ classification of leases. T 10. Direct-financing leases. F 11. Accounting for operating lease. F 12. Computing annual lease payments. T 13. Guaranteed residual value definition. F 14. Guaranteed vs. unguaranteed residual value. T 15. Unguaranteed residual value and minimum lease payments. F 16. Net investment and guaranteed/unguaranteed residual value. T 17. Difference between direct-financing and sales-type leases. F 18. Gross profit in sales-type lease. T 19. Review of estimated unguaranteed residual value. T 20. FASB required lease disclosures. Multiple Choice—Conceptual Answer No. Description d 21. Advantages of leasing. d 22. Advantages of leasing. b 23. Basic principle of lease accounting. c 24. Conceptual support for treating all leases as a sale/purchase. a S25. Essential element of a lease. b S26. Bargain purchase option and minimum lease payments. b P27. Cost amount for a capital lease. a 28. Lease accounting by......

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...IASB/FASB Meeting Week commencing 14 March 2011 IASB Agenda reference FASB Agenda reference 5D Staff Paper Contact(s) FASB ED Session March 9, 2011 Michael Gonzales Danielle Zeyher David Humphreys 143 +1 203 956 3478 +1 203 956 5265 +44 20 7246 6916 Project Topic Leases Accounting for Purchase Options Objective 1. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the accounting by lessees and lessors for purchase options included in a lease contract. 2. This paper analyzes the accounting for all purchase options, including both options that the lessee has a significant economic incentive to exercise (which would usually include bargain purchase options) and options that the lessee does not have a significant economic incentive to exercise (which would usually include non-bargain purchase options). 3. This paper is structured as follows: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Summary of staff recommendations Summary of the proposals in the leases Exposure Draft Summary of feedback (including comment letters and other outreach) Staff Analysis Staff recommendations Appendix A – preliminary draft wording relating to the accounting for purchase options This paper has been prepared by the technical staff of the IFRS Foundation and the FASB for discussion at a public meeting of the FASB or the IASB. The views expressed in this paper are those of the staff preparing the paper. They do not purport to represent the......

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...CONTRACT OF LEASE CONTRACT OF LEASE KNOWN ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY (BSU) is an institutions of higher learning of Republic of the Philippines, situated in Batangas City and Represented by the partners herein after the lessor, And The LESEE DIL Manuacturing Company, a partnership duly organized and existing under and by the virtue of the laws of the Philippines, with its principal place of business at Balagtas, Batangas City. WITHNESSETH The LESSEE desires to lease from the LESSOR and the latter agrees to lease a space in a building located in Balagtas, Batangas City. NOW THEREFORE considering the foregoing premises the LESSOR and the LESSEE hereby agree as follows: 1. TERM OF LEASE- the term of this lease shall be five years beginning from 1st day of January until December 2019. This may be annually renewed by the contracting parties through the execution of the instrument provided that they agree with the same other stated stipulations. A letter of intent to renew this agreement must be submitted by the LESSEE to the LESSOR at least one (1) month before the term of the lease expires. 2. RENTAL- the monthly rental for the leased premises shall be PESOS: 10,000 payable every last day of the month. 3. USE OF THE PREMISE: the premise shall be used by the LESSEE for the plant site and main office. a. The LESSEE hereby acknowledges the leased premises in a good and tenantable condition and undertakes to......

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...Trans-Share Inc. 1) Trans-Share should account for the sale of the fractional interest in the airplane in accordance to ARC 606. The revenue should be recognized at the time of inception of the customer’s contracts. Relating to ARC 606-10-25-14, the aircraft availability and the flight time services qualify as performance obligations. Although the form of the program appears to be a rental of an aircraft, the title to the fractional interest passes to the customer at the time of sale. The additional services and requirements are explicitly and distinctly outlined in the contract. Also, the contracts are substantially the same from customer to customer. This chosen method of accounting for the program should be seen as a high-quality investment. Therefore, these contracts meet specific performance obligations that are enforceable by the hand of the law. Specifically referring to ARC 606-10-05-5(a)(b)(c), I have concluded that the Trans-Share offers a service contract and not a lease for the following reasons: 1) the contract states that Trans-Share is legally and contractually obligated to provide goods/services their customers. 2) Trans-Share’s performance obligations are that they must have an aircraft available for when the customers want to travel, 3) the fractional interest transaction price is what Trans-Share expects to receive for providing their goods/services, 4) this transaction price will be adjusted based on the one-year probation period and/or the direct......

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...Sable sells and leases equipment to its customers. * Sable entered into a contract with Buildit Co. leasing a bulldozer for construction. * The lease term is 10 years and the economic and useful life of the bulldozer is 15 years. * Annual lease payments due at the end of every year will be $16,000. * Buildit is responsible for maintenance, insurance, and tax payments arising from the lease. * The residual value of the bulldozer at the end of the lease term is estimated at $24,000, although no guarantee of the residual value. * Lease does not transfer ownership of the asset at the end of the lease. * The bulldozer cost Sable $100,000 to manufacture and sells for $135,000. * Sable has recently been selling the bulldozer for $125,000 because of economic situations. * Implicit rate on $135,000 fair value is 5.45%. * Implicit rate on $125,000 fair value is 6.93%. * Payments are expected to be collected when due. Identification of Issues and Alternatives: The major question at hand in this case is whether or not the lease should be classified as a sales-type lease, a direct financing lease, a leveraged lease, or an operating lease. If the lease meets any of the criteria for being a capital lease and meets the extra required criteria for each classification then it is one of the first three, and if not then it is an operating lease. The determination of the type of lease will affect how the lease is classified......

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Lease lease can be recognized. The accounting method for a finance lease and for an operating lease is different. In the leases-joint project of IASB and FASB, opinions about accounting method of lessee divided under two accounting systems. FASB uses a dual approach and IFRS uses a single approach for lessee accounting. Under the single approach, a lessee will recognize all leases as “Type A” leases, which means recognize amortization of the right-of-use (ROU) asset separately from interest on the lease liability. Under IFRS, there are exemption of small-ticket leases and short-term leases for the accounting of lessee. For small-ticket leases, there is no clear benchmark about the classification of “small”. But short-term leases are leases that have leasing term of 12 months or less. Financial reports need to disclose more information weighing the cost. Considering this exemption is for the convenience of companies with insignificant leases, we design the line of 1% of total asset amount. As far as we concerned, comparing to the time limit, the proportion can reflect more precisely the impact on the company. Besides, for a small corporation, making an option for a lease whether to be finance lease or operating lease will cause a huge change of revenue of this year. In other words, we propose a new criterial for defining small assets and small-ticket leases. Therefore, the new standard is aligned with IASB. Scope The standard will be applied in accounting for leases......

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...Changes to Accounting Standards for Leases Who is likely to be affected? Businesses which are lessees or lessors of assets and account for lease transactions using a leasing accounting standard which changes on or after 1 January 2011. General description of the measure Current accounting standards are International Accounting Standards (IAS) and UK Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (UK GAAP). Changes to the IAS lease accounting standard are expected during 2011, and changes to UK GAAP might follow in 2013. Legislation will be introduced in Finance Bill 2011 to ensure continuity of tax treatment for lease transactions for businesses which begin to account for the transactions under new accounting standards, expected to be introduced from 2011. The measure will require tax profits and losses to continue to be calculated as if the changes to lease accounting standards had not taken place. Policy objective The measure will ensure that existing tax rules that rely on accounting classifications of leases as operating or finance leases, and the accounting treatment of lease transactions, continue to operate in the way they currently do. The objectives are to: • • ensure that lessors and lessees will be neither disadvantaged nor advantaged by the proposed accounting changes; remove uncertainty for businesses about the future tax treatment of leasing contracts, arising from uncertainty about future lease accounting standards and their interaction with current tax......

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...House Lease Contract Page 1 of 3 Made at …………………………………… Date ……………………………………. This contract is made between ……………………………… Signed ……………………….. Hereinafter called “the lessor” and ……………………….. Singed ……………………….. Hereinafter called “the lessee” The parties to the contract agree as follows, 1. The lessor agrees to lease out and the lessee agrees to take on the lease of the property at the following Address; .……………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 2. The period of the lease in this contract is ……… months commencing on the ……………… unit the ……………........ at a monthly rental Of …………………….. Bath (……………………………………………………….. Bath) 3. On signing of this contract, the lossor has received a deposit as security amounting to the sum of …………… (…………………………. Bath). Should the lessee make any damages to the leased building or attached inventory, the lessee agrees for the lessor to immediately deduct the amount due from the said deposit. 4. The lessee agrees to pay the rent to the lessor to by or before the …… day of every month, and it is the responsibility of the lessee to bring the rent to the lessor. Should the lessee be in default of the rent payment for 14 days of the said day, the lessor will have the provision to suspend the supply of water and electric to the......

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...NEATNESS COUNTS = 3 points. Data for nos. 1-3: Impress Inc. leased office from Prime Property Inc. on Oct. 1, 2011 under a 4-year contract that specified rentals payable as follows: for the first lease year, P250,000 annual rent and an annual increase of 10% of the rent from the 2nd to the 4th lease years. The contract also specifies that rent due is payable at the end of each month. All payments were promptly made. 1. What amount of rent income should the lessor recognize for the year ended Dec. 31, 2011? 2. What is the balance of rent payable in the books of the lessee at Dec. 31, 2013? 3. Assuming the lessee makes only one entry at the end of 2012 to record rent expense incurred and rent payments made for the whole year, what should have been that entry? Data for nos. 4-11: Agile Corp. entered into a 5-year operating lease agreement with Pert Co. on July 1, 2012 that specifies the following terms: Basic monthly rent, with the annual rent payable in advance 20,000 Security deposit, refundable at the end of the lease term 50,000 Lease bonus 120,000 To induce the lessee to enter into the lease agreement, the contract provides for 3 months’ free rent. The lessor also agreed to shoulder the cost of transporting the lessee’s equipment to the leased site. Transportation costs totaled P18,000. All amounts due on July 1, 2012 were paid by the lessee. The lessee made permanent improvements to the leased site at a cost of P320,000 with an...

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