Lawn Masters: a Growth Opportunity

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Lawn Masters: A Growth Opportunity

Landscaping is a much needed field of service for the entire state of Florida. This is why Lawn Masters is destined to be a successful, residential service targeting middle and upper class homes in the Largo, Clearwater, and Pinellas Park areas of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Current Market:

The Largo, Clearwater, and Pinellas Park areas of Tampa Bay have been selected. The population of this area has experienced steady growth and is projected continue to increase. The majority of the population is in the 35 to 54-age range, an important demographic for our business, since this demographic is often involved raising families, working, and involved in leisure activities. Pease see below for current information regarding the cost of living in Tampa:

(Numbeo, 2015)
In Tampa Bay, the estimated average household income is $63,020 (Tampa Bay Partnership, 2015). (2015) identifies this area as having a sizeable amount of upper middle class, gated homes and communities. Our business targets these types of homeowners. While there are many other landscape businesses in the area none are currently targeting a holistic approach to landscaping or offering homeowners the opportunity to enjoy customized landscape in a sustainable manner.

Contributions to Economy

Lawn Masters contributes to the economy by providing a service not currently available to a growing demographic of homeowners in search of more leisure time. These homeowners are proud of their investment and want to increase the value of their home by ensuring it looks good and well maintained. By securing our services, homeowners will be able to enjoy a well maintained landscape around their home but also be able to take part in the many leisure activities available in the area. Also, our company provides employment for others in the community. It also taps…...

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