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1. According to these articles, how important has the influx of foreign-born workers been to the U.S. workforce? In your opinion, will this change in the future?

It is interesting that there are so many varied opinions on immigration and the basic reality is that immigration is very important for the U.S. economy. Any time there are declining birth rates, immigration is important to keep the economy moving and ensure there is enough activity to ensure stability and growth. Without an influx in foreign-born workers, the workforce will not have enough contributors to fund the necessary programs to support those workers that have reached retirement age. Immigration has always been important to the economy of the United States.
While there are some that express concerns like over population and fewer jobs for native born workers, the reality is that the aging population and falling birth rates drive a necessity for foreign-born workers. This may especially be true in growth areas that involve technological advancements. There has been an influx of foreign born, highly educated workers that help drive the economy and push it towards a growth cycle (Matloff, 2013). The importance of these workers cannot be overstated, any economy must be tied to innovation to help it sustain and improve.

2. How do the changes discussed in these articles affect a firm’s ability to develop Human and Social capital?

Understanding the demographic of the work force is vital to developing human and social capital. Change is the best way to describe the approach. An organization must be ready to change its approach to workers and deal with them in a manner that has the most meaning to the workers. Only by understanding the changes in the workforce can an organization utilize the human and social capital of the members. An organization that has a changing workforce needs to…...

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