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Lady Audley’s Secret Lady Audley’s Secret is a sensation fiction novel that also has a play. The novel was published in 1862 and written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, while the the play came out soon after. The novel begins with the sensation element of marriage and displays many other elements throughout the novel. The play, Lady Audley’s Secret, on the other hand leaves out many characters such as Clara Talboys, Mr. Talboys, Little George, and others because plays have a time constraint so they don’t lose the audiences interest and it also allows the audience to put their focus on the main issue and element at hand which is Lady Audley’s madness. In the novel readers see many elements, elements such as murder, adultery, bigamy, madness, emotions, poverty, marriage, public appeal, family life, mystery, violence, blackmail, arson, and tons of suspenseful action. On the other hand the play does not include all of these elements. The big elements like romance and marriage are almost excluded from the play totally which is a bit different because the readers of the novel are used to seeing these elements having read the novel. The difference in elements composed in the play compared to the novel helps the audience really focus on what element is being magnified and looked at deeply. That element is madness and insanity which Lady Audley holds. Madness in the 19th century and Victorian era was a big and very interesting topic, especially if it was a woman whom was mad. Madness in the 19th century was a social issue and many feared the mentally-ill because of their unpredictability. People of madness typically lashed out at any moments notice and they were usually violent. Also at this time came the introduction of mental institutions and asylums to hold and confine the unstable people. Having these institutions…...

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